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       Tips for Actor Headshots


What to wear? 

Ok this is important. In a great headshot you should be the focus. Wear something you love, but also keep it simple. No prints. 

Pick colours that match your skin tone, or bring out your eyes. ( please email me if you're not sure what colours to wear) Trust me this can make a huge difference!  

How to emotionally prepare for the shoot? 

My job as a photographer, is to make you feel relaxed. If you are relaxed, having fun and comfortable your headshot will look amazing. 
I like to tell my clients to prepare the same way they would for acting class or rehearsal. I encourage a full body warm up. This should help relieve any nerves and leave you feeling calm and emotionally open.


How to pose? 
Ok this can be a tough one for even the most seasoned actor.
looking straight down the barrel of a lens can be intimidating. As a headshot photographer I can discover your most flattering angles, help position you in a way that feels comfortable and natural. All you need to do is relax and have fun. The camera will pick up on what you are feeling in the moment.
I also suggest you check out the links below to give you a better understanding of what casting directors are looking for in a great headshot.


Why I choose natural light (sunlight) over studio lighting?

This is so important for the work I do. Actors move through light on film. You can't rely on perfect studio lighting all the time. Directors know this!! Which is why they love naturally lit headshots. 
Don't worry natural light can be very flattering.

I do touchup my photos in Lightroom. I keep touchups to a minimum. I only enhance your features. I basically make you look like you on a really good day. You need your headshot to look like you, so when you show up for your auditions you look like your headshot.  

I hope you found this information helpful. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. You can find my email and mobile number on my Bio page.

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